Monthly Archive: April 2009

IT Integration or Business Integration

I travelled Kingfisher Airlines recently from Bangalore to London Heathrow, and then onto Edinburgh by BMI. There were false promises made that my luggage had been checked in all the way to Edinburgh (from B’lore) by Kingfisher.


Later on, there was no trace of the luggage. The luggage handling company had no clue where my luggage was, BMI did not even have my luggage in their systems, Kingfisher claimed that they handed it over.


After me personally chasing and screaming at BMI and Kingfisher for two days, the luggage was found in Heathrow and delivered to me.


When I looked at the luggage tag, it said IT 1 from Blore to London (code for Kingfisher flight) and then IT 1 from London to Edinburgh. Great! There is no Kingfisher flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh. Obviously the luggage was sitting in London somewhere.


Is it IT integration or business integration! I am sure airlines code-sharing and partnering has been in existence in for ages. They business have not bothered to understand and train their employees to do this. (Is there enough business to do this? Kingfisher flight both ways had 15+ passengers in Economy in a 125+ seater).


Who is suffering here?

Has this got anything to do with recession?


Of course, when Kingfisher stops its meaningless flights and false customer promises, they can hide under Recession carpet.

Mini Saga #1 – No Free Lunch!

While waiting for my Caledonian Express to Edinburgh, day before yesterday night at London Euston station, I was tempted to buy the late edition of the “Evening Standard”, as they were selling it for 10p.


The newspaper was worth every penny paid and not more!


There is no free lunch!




1. A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words. Not 49 or 51 but exactly 50.
2. You can download a photographic manifesto of Mini Sagas at ChangeThis. Here is the link –
Mini Sagas: Bite-sized Wisdom for Life and Business (PDF, 2.9MB).
3. For a list of Mini Sagas by my friend Rajesh Setty, please go

Simple communication-breakdown!

Last weekend, we ordered pizza from Corstorphine Pizza Hut.


At the end of the phone call, the guy from Pizza Hut repeated saying it was a “delivery”. I said that I had a change of minds since I live 4 doors from the place and I would pick up the pizza.


He ended the conversation saying that the order was already in the system as “delivery” and could not be changed to “take away / collection” and that the pizza would be delivered in 20min.


They are generally prompt.


It was 25min past. No sign of any warm pizzas, though our olfactory, gustatory and digestive systems were all eagerly imagining warm, tasty and colourful pizza! I looked at Aarathi. She smiled knowingly and said, “Talk about communication problems. I am sure this guy is assuming that we are going to pick it up.”


After patiently waiting for another 10min, I called the Pizza Hut. Peter, on the line, promptly says in a thick Scottish accent, “Errr…..Emmmmm….you live 2 doors from us and though you would pick it up….I put the order in as a PickUp.”.


I had run out of patience….I said I would anyway….I did not want to wait for him schedule the delivery again!


So much for communication!